Chord search

Find a chord you need by writing it's name and choosing instrument you play. You can also specify number of fingers you want to use (maximum). If the found chord has a pattern common to other chords, you can check such chords upon clicking the link bellow the tab.

Supported chords: X X11 X11dim9 X13 X13dim11 X13dim9 X5 X6 X6_S9 X6aug5 X6dim5 X7 X7#5 X7#9 X75 X7+9 X7-5 X7-9 X7aug X7aug5 X7b5 X7b9 X7dim5 X7dim9 X7sus X7sus2 X7sus4 X9 X9aug5 X9dim5 X9sus X9sus4 Xadd2 Xadd4 Xadd9 Xaug Xdim Xdim11 Xdim13 Xdim7 Xdim9 Xm Xm11 Xm11dim9 Xm13 Xm13dim11 Xm13dim9 Xm6 Xm7 Xm7b5 Xm7dim5 Xm7dim9 Xm9 Xmaj11 Xmaj13 Xmaj7 Xmaj9 Xmb5 Xmdim11 Xmdim13 Xmdim9 Xmmaj7 Xsus Xsus2 Xsus4

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